Lockstitch zigzag sewing machine for medium-weight material. With small horizontal hook
Flat bed sewing machine
Single needle
Top and bottom wheel feed and needle feed
  • 523i

    Zigzag machines for medium-weight application with DAC

  • Ideal sewing characteristic, universal use, easy handling and high reliability – all of these features are asked for in the zigzag sector. This lockstitch zigzag sewing machine fulfils these demands in every aspect. Machines are used for wide range of operations in garment industry for stitching of light-weight woolen and synthetic materials.

  • Your advantages

    • Highest precision on stitch locking even during sewing speed changes
    • Low noise and vibration
    •  Automatic bobbin winder with start up function
    • Simple needle guard adjustment by screw
    • Fully integrated solenoids - no compressed air required
    • Lubricating system with central oil tank and oil pump
    • Processing of thick sewing thread sizes up to NM 10/3
    • Sewing speed up to 2 500 stitches/min.
    • The wide range of sewing equipment, attachments and optional equipment guarantees the optimum solution for most of sewing operations
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