Twin needle lockstitch post bed machine with disconnectable left/right needle for universal use
Flat bed sewing machine
Single needle
Top and bottom wheel feed and needle feed
Vertical hook, large
Vertical hook, large
Vertical hook, large
Vertical hook, large
  • 888-M

    Machine with disconnectable needle bars

  • The special M-TYPE subclass with disconnectable needle bars is the ideal operating means for twinneedle decorative stitching applications with optically attractive decorative stitch corners. Machine class perfectly fits for a professional performance of the sewing operations on shoes, and different leather articles. To avoid crossed seams at the corners, machine is equipped with electro-pneumatic mechanism for disconnection of left or right needle.

  • Your advantages

    • Highest precision on stitch locking even during sewing speed changes
    • Machine belongs to M-Type series having all advantages and features 
    • Independently disconnectable left/right needle 
    • Integrated 2nd stitch length and switchable thread tension 
    • Electro-pneumatic seam back-tacking and presser foot lift

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